healpy.visufunc.projplot(*args, **kwds)

projplot is a wrapper around matplotlib.Axes.plot() to take into account the spherical projection.

You can call this function as:

projplot(theta, phi)        # plot a line going through points at coord (theta, phi)
projplot(theta, phi, 'bo')  # plot 'o' in blue at coord (theta, phi)
projplot(thetaphi)          # plot a line going through points at coord (thetaphi[0], thetaphi[1])
projplot(thetaphi, 'bx')    # idem but with blue 'x'
theta, phifloat, array-like

Coordinates of point to plot. Can be put into one 2-d array, first line is then theta and second line is phi. See lonlat parameter for unit.


A format string (see matplotlib.Axes.plot() for details)

lonlatbool, optional

If True, theta and phi are interpreted as longitude and latitude in degree, otherwise, as colatitude and longitude in radian

coord{‘E’, ‘G’, ‘C’, None}

The coordinate system of the points, only used if the coordinate coordinate system of the Axes has been defined and in this case, a rotation is performed

rotNone or sequence

rotation to be applied =(lon, lat, psi) : lon, lat will be position of the new Z axis, and psi is rotation around this axis, all in degree. if None, no rotation is performed


if True, the rotation to center the projection is not taken into account

See also

projscatter, projtext


Other keywords are passed to matplotlib.Axes.plot().