healpy.query_strip(nside, theta1, theta2, inclusive=False, nest=False, buff=None)

Returns pixels whose centers lie within the colatitude range defined by theta1 and theta2 (if inclusive is False), or which overlap with this region (if inclusive is True). If theta1<theta2, the region between both angles is considered, otherwise the regions 0<theta<theta2 and theta1<theta<pi.


The nside of the Healpix map.


First colatitude (radians)


Second colatitude (radians)

inclusive ; bool

If False, return the exact set of pixels whose pixels centers lie within the region; if True, return all pixels that overlap with the region.

nest: bool, optional

if True, assume NESTED pixel ordering, otherwise, RING pixel ordering

buff: int array, optional

if provided, this numpy array is used to contain the return values and must be at least long enough to do so

ipixint, array

The pixels which lie within the given strip.