Rotator.__call__(*args, **kwds)

Use the rotator to rotate either spherical coordinates (theta, phi) or a vector (x,y,z). You can use lonla keyword to use longitude, latitude (in degree) instead of theta, phi (in radian). In this case, returns longitude, latitude in degree.

Accepted forms:

r(x,y,z) # x,y,z either scalars or arrays r(theta,phi) # theta, phi scalars or arrays r(lon,lat,lonlat=True) # lon, lat scalars or arrays r(vec) # vec 1-D array with 3 elements, or 2-D array 3xN r(direction) # direction 1-D array with 2 elements, or 2xN array

vec_or_dirarray or multiple arrays

The direction to rotate. See above for accepted formats.

lonlatbool, optional

If True, assumes the input direction is longitude/latitude in degrees. Otherwise, assumes co-latitude/longitude in radians. Default: False

invbool, optional

If True, applies the inverse rotation. Default: False.