healpy.sphtfunc.smoothalm(alms, fwhm=0.0, sigma=None, beam_window=None, pol=True, mmax=None, verbose=True, inplace=True)

Smooth alm with a Gaussian symmetric beam function.

almsarray or sequence of 3 arrays

Either an array representing one alm, or a sequence of arrays. See pol parameter.

fwhmfloat, optional

The full width half max parameter of the Gaussian. Default:0.0 [in radians]

sigmafloat, optional

The sigma of the Gaussian. Override fwhm. [in radians]

beam_window: array, optional

Custom beam window function. Override fwhm and sigma.

polbool, optional

If True, assumes input alms are TEB. Output will be TQU maps. (input must be 1 or 3 alms) If False, apply spin 0 harmonic transform to each alm. (input can be any number of alms) If there is only one input alm, it has no effect. Default: True.

mmaxNone or int, optional

The maximum m for alm. Default: mmax=lmax

inplacebool, optional

If True, the alm’s are modified inplace if they are contiguous arrays of type complex128. Otherwise, a copy of alm is made. Default: True.

verbosebool, optional

Deprecated, has not effect.

almsarray or sequence of 3 arrays

The smoothed alm. If alm[i] is a contiguous array of type complex128, and inplace is True the smoothing is applied inplace. Otherwise, a copy is made.