healpy.sphtfunc.alm2map_der1(alm, nside, lmax=None, mmax=None)

Computes a Healpix map and its first derivatives given the alm.

The alm are given as a complex array. You can specify lmax and mmax, or they will be computed from array size (assuming lmax==mmax).

almarray, complex

A complex array of alm. Size must be of the form mmax(lmax-mmax+1)/2+lmax


The nside of the output map.

lmaxNone or int, optional

Explicitly define lmax (needed if mmax!=lmax)

mmaxNone or int, optional

Explicitly define mmax (needed if mmax!=lmax)

m, d_theta, d_phituple of arrays

The maps correponding to alm, and its derivatives with respect to theta and phi. d_phi is already divided by sin(theta)