healpy.fitsfunc.write_alm(filename, alms, out_dtype=None, lmax=- 1, mmax=- 1, mmax_in=- 1, overwrite=False)

Write alms to a fits file.

In the fits file the alms are written with explicit index scheme, index = l*l + l + m +1, possibly out of order. By default write_alm makes a table with the same precision as the alms. If specified, the lmax and mmax parameters truncate the input data to include only alms for which l <= lmax and m <= mmax.


The filename of the output fits file

almsarray, complex or list of arrays

A complex ndarray holding the alms, index = m*(2*lmax+1-m)/2+l, see Alm.getidx

lmaxint, optional

The maximum l in the output file

mmaxint, optional

The maximum m in the output file

out_dtypedata type, optional

data type in the output file (must be a numpy dtype). Default: alms.real.dtype

mmax_inint, optional

maximum m in the input array