sphtfunc – Spherical harmonic transforms

From map to spherical harmonics

anafast(map1[, map2, nspec, lmax, mmax, ...]) Computes the power spectrum of an Healpix map, or the cross-spectrum between two maps if map2 is given.
map2alm(maps[, lmax, mmax, iter, pol, ...]) Computes the alm of an Healpix map.

From spherical harmonics to map

synfast(cls, nside[, lmax, mmax, alm, pol, ...]) Create a map(s) from cl(s).
alm2map(alms, nside[, lmax, mmax, pixwin, ...]) Computes an Healpix map given the alm.
alm2map_der1(alm, nside[, lmax, mmax]) Computes an Healpix map and its first derivatives given the alm.

Spherical harmonic transform tools

smoothing(map_in, *args, **kwds) Smooth a map with a Gaussian symmetric beam.
smoothalm(alms[, fwhm, sigma, pol, mmax, ...]) Smooth alm with a Gaussian symmetric beam function.
alm2cl(alms1[, alms2, lmax, mmax, lmax_out, ...]) Computes (cross-)spectra from alm(s).
synalm(cls[, lmax, mmax, new, verbose]) Generate a set of alm given cl.
almxfl(alm, fl[, mmax, inplace]) Multiply alm by a function of l.
pixwin(nside[, pol]) Return the pixel window function for the given nside.
Alm() This class provides some static methods for alm index computation.

Other tools

gauss_beam(fwhm[, lmax, pol]) Gaussian beam window function