healpy.sphtfunc.smoothing(map_in, *args, **kwds)

Smooth a map with a Gaussian symmetric beam.

No removal of monopole or dipole is performed.


map_in : array or sequence of 3 arrays

Either an array representing one map, or a sequence of 3 arrays representing 3 maps, accepts masked arrays

fwhm : float, optional

The full width half max parameter of the Gaussian [in radians]. Default:0.0

sigma : float, optional

The sigma of the Gaussian [in radians]. Override fwhm.

pol : bool, optional

If True, assumes input maps are TQU. Output will be TQU maps. (input must be 1 or 3 alms) If False, each map is assumed to be a spin 0 map and is treated independently (input can be any number of alms). If there is only one input map, it has no effect. Default: True.

iter : int, scalar, optional

Number of iteration (default: 3)

lmax : int, scalar, optional

Maximum l of the power spectrum. Default: 3*nside-1

mmax : int, scalar, optional

Maximum m of the alm. Default: lmax

use_weights: bool, scalar, optional

If True, use the ring weighting. Default: False.

datapath : None or str, optional

If given, the directory where to find the weights data.

verbose : bool, optional

If True prints diagnostic information. Default: True


maps : array or list of 3 arrays

The smoothed map(s)