healpy.rotator.rotateDirection(rotmat, theta, phi=None, do_rot=True, lonlat=False)

Rotate the vector described by angles theta,phi using the rotation matrix given as first argument.


rotmat : float, array-like shape (3,3)

The rotation matrix

theta : float, scalar or array-like

The angle theta (scalar or shape (N,)) or both angles (scalar or shape (2, N)) if phi is not given.

phi : float, scalar or array-like, optionnal

The angle phi (scalar or shape (N,)).

do_rot : bool, optional

if True, really perform the operation, if False do nothing.

lonlat : bool

If True, input angles are assumed to be longitude and latitude in degree, otherwise, they are co-latitude and longitude in radians.


angles : float, array

The angles of describing the rotated vector(s).

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