healpy.visufunc.projplot(*args, **kwds)

projplot is a wrapper around matplotlib.Axes.plot() to take into account the spherical projection.

You can call this function as:

projplot(theta, phi)        # plot a line going through points at coord (theta, phi)
projplot(theta, phi, 'bo')  # plot 'o' in blue at coord (theta, phi)
projplot(thetaphi)          # plot a line going through points at coord (thetaphi[0], thetaphi[1])
projplot(thetaphi, 'bx')    # idem but with blue 'x'
theta, phi : float, array-like

Coordinates of point to plot. Can be put into one 2-d array, first line is then theta and second line is phi. See lonlat parameter for unit.

fmt : str

A format string (see matplotlib.Axes.plot() for details)

lonlat : bool, optional

If True, theta and phi are interpreted as longitude and latitude in degree, otherwise, as colatitude and longitude in radian

coord : {‘E’, ‘G’, ‘C’, None}

The coordinate system of the points, only used if the coordinate coordinate system of the Axes has been defined and in this case, a rotation is performed

rot : None or sequence

rotation to be applied =(lon, lat, psi) : lon, lat will be position of the new Z axis, and psi is rotation around this axis, all in degree. if None, no rotation is performed

direct : bool

if True, the rotation to center the projection is not taken into account

See also

projscatter, projtext


Other keywords are passed to matplotlib.Axes.plot().