healpy.visufunc.cartview(map=None, fig=None, rot=None, zat=None, coord=None, unit='', xsize=800, ysize=None, lonra=None, latra=None, title='Cartesian view', nest=False, remove_dip=False, remove_mono=False, gal_cut=0, min=None, max=None, flip='astro', format='%.3g', cbar=True, cmap=None, norm=None, aspect=None, hold=False, sub=None, margins=None, notext=False, return_projected_map=False)

Plot a healpix map (given as an array) in Cartesian projection.

map : float, array-like or None

An array containing the map, supports masked maps, see the ma function. If None, will display a blank map, useful for overplotting.

fig : int or None, optional

The figure number to use. Default: create a new figure

rot : scalar or sequence, optional

Describe the rotation to apply. In the form (lon, lat, psi) (unit: degrees) : the point at longitude lon and latitude lat will be at the center. An additional rotation of angle psi around this direction is applied.

coord : sequence of character, optional

Either one of ‘G’, ‘E’ or ‘C’ to describe the coordinate system of the map, or a sequence of 2 of these to rotate the map from the first to the second coordinate system.

unit : str, optional

A text describing the unit of the data. Default: ‘’

xsize : int, optional

The size of the image. Default: 800

lonra : sequence, optional

Range in longitude. Default: [-180,180]

latra : sequence, optional

Range in latitude. Default: [-90,90]

title : str, optional

The title of the plot. Default: ‘Mollweide view’

nest : bool, optional

If True, ordering scheme is NESTED. Default: False (RING)

min : float, optional

The minimum range value

max : float, optional

The maximum range value

flip : {‘astro’, ‘geo’}, optional

Defines the convention of projection : ‘astro’ (default, east towards left, west towards right) or ‘geo’ (east towards roght, west towards left)

remove_dip : bool, optional

If True, remove the dipole+monopole

remove_mono : bool, optional

If True, remove the monopole

gal_cut : float, scalar, optional

Symmetric galactic cut for the dipole/monopole fit. Removes points in latitude range [-gal_cut, +gal_cut]

format : str, optional

The format of the scale label. Default: ‘%g’

cbar : bool, optional

Display the colorbar. Default: True

notext : bool, optional

If True, no text is printed around the map

norm : {‘hist’, ‘log’, None}, optional

Color normalization, hist= histogram equalized color mapping, log= logarithmic color mapping, default: None (linear color mapping)

hold : bool, optional

If True, replace the current Axes by a CartesianAxes. use this if you want to have multiple maps on the same figure. Default: False

sub : int, scalar or sequence, optional

Use only a zone of the current figure (same syntax as subplot). Default: None

margins : None or sequence, optional

Either None, or a sequence (left,bottom,right,top) giving the margins on left,bottom,right and top of the axes. Values are relative to figure (0-1). Default: None

return_projected_map : bool

if True returns the projected map in a 2d numpy array

See also

mollview, gnomview, orthview, azeqview